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Back from the Future

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 by Fabio Carati

The Industrial Revolution has changed our lives. What did we lose from it? And what was its impact on our world?  


Before the Industrial Revolution, we lived and worked in the same place where we knew everyone; we worked in little communities, in factories, or for ourselves as a craftsman. Our job and the personal life were integrated.


Now we don’t live in the same place where we work; our job and the personal life are no longer integrated.


The Industrial Revolution effects are so entrenched in our society that it is difficult to think of a completely different model and not take the way we live for granted.


The question is: with new technologies and services, is it possible to recover some of the life’s experiences, the traditional lifestyle, and also to improve the progress and the economic wealth along with a more balanced lifestyle?


I think so; the Internet of Services and the Internet of Things could do it.


I think that decentralized production and the shift from products to services will bring consequences to the market and to the organizational structure.


For instance, in a global world perspective, telepresence technology may enable people to work from their home. There will no need to go to the office.


In the future, the home and the work place will be the same in many cases; work time and leisure time will be more flexible; many people will work directly from their home during the night time and may be connected to any country and at anytime.


The maintenance of products and services will be done with social CRM directly by workers located in different countries; call centers and CRM services will be directly exposed on the network and they will be offered like SaaS (software as a service); people will live different experiences on the job; probably workers will have their bosses and their colleagues located in other countries.


Organizations will cooperate in an innovative way called Business Ecosystems to acquire new business opportunities. This cooperative model of network organizations is enabled by new technologies and services like SOA, the web 2.0, service exposure, web 3.0 and by a new cooperative culture that creates new value to the whole business ecosystem.