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Guess where am I going?

Saturday, June 11th, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

Sometimes I hit into a news that just start me thinking. Its value goes much further than the news itself. Well, this is one of those.

Is this where I am going?

Ford researchers are testing a hybrid car that can guess where I will be driving (no, it is not waiting for me to fill in the info in the car navigator!).

It uses a predictive technology developed by Google and the software developed by Ford tweak the car engine to fit the predicted route (e.g. it takes decision on when using the battery power rather than the gas).

You might wonder if such a guessing is really important in terms of energy efficiency but what made me think is the fact that objects are getting smarter and this is going to change our perception of the environment and possibly the way we look at them and interact with them.

In the future more and more information (data) will be available and harvesting/processing these data will provide us with insight on what is happening and on what might be happening. If you think about it there is something very close to intelligence and even consciousness in this. We do something because we perceive a given situation AND we derive expectation out of that. Most of our actions are the result of an evaluation of possibilities that may become real in the future.

Of course, it is not “real” consciousness but is getting pretty close to that!