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Authenticity proof for brand products by new identification technologies

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 by Shuhei Kuwabara

Tuscany Wines, Prosciutto di Parma, Gorgonzola Cheese, etc. There are so many famous and traditional foods in Italy. These are very well known all over the world and people recognise them as luxury, sophisticated, high quality, safe, and they recognise also additional value for these products. And also think for sure it must be real and authentic products… However, how could we distinguish the authentic products and counterfeits?

Il Prosciutto di San Daniele, one of the most famous Italian ham producer in San Daniele del Friuli, which is located in north-eastern Italy, has started applying RFID tag for verifying product’s authenticity. It can also provide product’s information; such as material information (this case pig) and production process. According to the developer of this RFID technology, the purpose of this tagging is to protect their consumers so that they can see the entire process of production since when pig was born and finally to produced as ham.

Actually this kind of technology is very important to protect authenticity of products and their customers as well. Because nowadays we are even facing on “Counterfeited Foods”, simply said, copy foods. These products don’t have good quality of the ingredients and neither have enough hygienic standards. That is why, this kind of Brand products are required to be protected by technology and proved their authenticity and quality.

But also there are some problem, for example;

  1. Price of introducing this technology

It costs 50,000 euro for each prosciutto producers

  1. Possibility of counterfeiting even RFID tag

The initial price is actually still expensive for small food producers to introduce this system. That is why the system will have to be more familiar and have accessible price.

About counterfeiting, nowadays plenty of counterfeiting products are produced in some countries and exported as secret and sold in all over the world. The most threaten issue is that more and more these products have been similar with the real one. And also their inside, such as technologies or ingredients, are made as very similar and with less price. It means that it can be possible that even this kind of electronic identification could be counterfeited.

Then, the identification to protect their products and customers could be possible to be a fake identification by counterfeited identification. That is why, it will have to be necessary to identify the identification of these brand products if it is really reliable authentic one or no. Also for the manufacturers, it will have to require to make sure the security of their identifications.