Moore’s Law still ticking…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

The new Chip, 22 nm

The production of Ivy Bridge by Intel adds new life span to the Moore’s Law.

It is based on 22nm technology, today’s chip are based on 32 nm, and that has allowed to pack 1,4 billion transistors on a 160 square mm chip. The Ivy Bridge is 37% faster than the present chips and if run at the same speed of today’s chip uses only half the energy they use.

So Moore’s law continues to apply and it will do so in the next few years, given the announcement of Intel to release in 2014 the first 3D chip at 14 nm. Achieving the present result has not been a piece of cake, said Mark Bohr, the Intel scientist in charge of making industrial production (read cheap) of new chips a reality. It has required a different approach to the design of the channel, the part of the transistor separating the source and the drain. Similarly it will not be easy to move forward to a 3D structure and a 14 nm technology but, again Mark words, there shouldn’t be any insurmountable problems.


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