Care to transmit at 1.3 Gbps? 200$ and that’s it.

Sunday, April 29th, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

Netgear has announced the availability of its next generation WiFi router for next month. At a cost of 200$ you get WiFi transmission at 1.3 Gbps!

The Netgear - R6300: 1.3 Gbps

It is the first implementation of the new 802.11ac standard (yet to be ratified, but technology is faster than standard organizations….). This is three times faster than the 802.11n.

Of course, the question is what can we do with that kind of capacity! Even considering that the WiFi area can be populated by several devices, that each of them interfere with the others so that the net capacity diminishes significantly, we are still dealing with a lot of capacity.

I guess this router is future proof, at least for a 5 year future, since it will be able to accommodate ultra high definition screens with bandwidth request in the order of 50 to 100 Mbps (and you may have more than one in your home or in a Starbuck coffee shop…

The new iPad is still not requiring this sort of bandwidth (nor are broadcasters thinking of delivering this ind of resolution yet…). At the end of this decade may be we will have screens and broadcasters supporting 8k video signal and the 50-100 Mbps will be needed.

Of course, screen and broadcasting is not enough if you do not ave a big enough pipe, and that means a fibre. No point in attaching a 1.3 Gbos router to an ADSL line. Most fibers today are used for 100 Mbps (the few exception, in residential market, are in Hong Kong plus some experiment in Korea and Japan), and my bet is it will take till the end of this decade to see a diffusion of 1 Gbps links in the residential market.


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