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Up and running

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

Today we have had the inauguration of the EIT ICT Labs Italy, based in Trento. It has been a great gathering with key people from institutions, industry and university. We have had a lecture given by Wolfgang Walsher, the scientific advisor to the German Chancellor who took us to the fourth revolution, the one based on data. The novelty is not in having “many” data, it is about leveraging these data to do different things and to approach problems in a quite different way. It is a revolution that will change the way we produce, we consume, that will create a different perception of the world.

It is not going to be easy. As pointed out by Franco Bernabè, Executive President of Telecom Italia, we have to solve the issue of security, privacy, ownership of data, metadata and services based on them. Unless we find practical and ironclad solutions we will not be able to leverage them. And it would be even worse than that, since in other regions of the world we are seeing data being leveraged without the needed precaution and this creates an unfair market and damages personal lives.

The Italian node will focus particularly on Big Data, that means anyhow to work in Digital Cities, Smart Spaces, Security and Privacy, Health and Well Being, Intelligent Transportation, Cloud Computing, all themes tackled by the EIT ICT Labs.