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It is impossible, but it is happening…

Friday, March 23rd, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

We’ve got used to using Google Earth and see the world from above at an incredible detail and we have got used to see some street-view in a growing number of areas. THis is something that just 15 years ago was out of the question and most people would have claimed to be impossible since the cost of harvesting, manipulating and storing all those data was staggering. Yet, it happened.

Now Google has moved a step forward by letting us surf the Amazon river and channels to look at the forest and landscape. Just look at the photo here, taken from what I would call not “street view” but “canal view”

True, it is just a fragment of the Amazon basin, and a nano particle of the world. But it is a first step. I am starting to think that in the “not so distant future” we will be able to be “there” regardless of where we are and where “there” actually is. And I also think that we will be able in many cases to be there “right now”, that is see the place as it is at this very moment.

I can easily imagine that most people will be moving around with cameras always on (a bunch of them already do this) and those pictures will be creating an ever changing mosaic of the world that we can access. Applications will neutralize sensitive objects (like changing dresses and faces of people being captured in the photo so that privacy is preserved) but nevertheless this will give us the feeling of ubiquity.

This will become another june platform for business, as maps and Google Earth are today.