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Why use a bar code if you can just look at the object?

Sunday, March 18th, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

In our everyday life we don’t need to look for a barcode on an apple in supermarket to tell us that is an apple. Still, when a computer at the cash register wants to know what that object is you need to have a barcode sticked on to it.

No more! Toshiba is moving object recognition a step further to let computer look at object and understand what they are through image recognition.

Take a look a t this supermarket:

This is a nice step forward. It gets us closer to the Internet WITH Things, since it is no longer needed to place an identifier on an object to let a computer recognize it. And the computer doing this trick, in a few years, will be the one in your cell phone. It is so natural to imagining using your cell phone as a magnifier lens, through its camera, picking up the object through the lens and connecting it (its identity) to a mirror object in the web. That digital object will be loaded with all kind of services, and information, you, and third parties, can dream about. And this will open up a completely new usage of the internet, a new perception of the ambient we live in and huge business opportunities.