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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

Two years ago I posted a news on Mirasol, a novel screen based on nanotechnology that would have worked like an eInk screen (reflecting light) but showing colors and said it was expected for early 2012. And here it is!

Four eReader on sale in Asia using Mirasol technology

The Mirasol mimics the iridescent butterfly wings to reflect sunlight and is now sold in Asia on several tablets tablets (shown in the picture). The screen is a 5.3 inch and has 800*480 pixel (that correspond to a density of 233 pixels per inch, less than a Retina display but more than the iPad2 display).

Using reflected light the power consumption is very low, compares to an eInk, hence it is ideal for an eBook Reader. You can take it to the beach and it will be at its best.

This technology is better than the alternative provided by E-Ink Triton display that overlaps colored filters on an eInk screen (available on the Jetbook Color eReader) but still its colors remains washed out when you compare the screen to ink on paper!

A good step forward anyhow, and it is just a beginning. In a few years we may start seeing it to replace the good old paper!

While waiting for these screens to be sold ouside of Asia as well take a look at how they look like in the clip below.


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