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Going mainstream…

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 by Roberto Saracco

Just two weeks ago I posted a news on the adoption of a camcorder mounted on the frame of glasses used by police in the USA to record visually an action, with a system provided by Taser.

Cool sunglasses with camcorder embedded

Now, I run across another company, Pivothead, that is about to release sunglasses with an embedded camera letting you “to videotape” high definition clips for two hours and then download them to your computer, or post them on YouTube.

As you can see in the picture, on the left frame you have the activation buttons. You can take stills (4 Mpixels) or video clips up to high definition and up to two hours. And it costs you less than 350$, not that much more than a good, fancy pair of sun glasses.

You can really say that live video recording is coming to mainstream. In a few years we will have many more wearable embedding a camcorder and we will take for granted to video tape our lives. And we will have to adjust to the idea of our actions being recorded and … posted on the web. Creepy!

And the few first releases of these glasses are already generating videos for a special channel on YouTube, take a look at one of these video-clip that has been posted (just click on the movie to be taken to the PivotHead YouTube Channel):