Cell phones are really becoming a part of “us”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

The cell phone embedded in the prosthetic arm

Today in most places (developed countries but getting true also in many developing countries…) for every person you have a cell phone. For many of us it has become an essential extension of ourselves.

So, it is not too much surprising the news in The Telegraph reporting that a person who is missing a limb since his birth had found a way to accommodate his cell phone in his prosthetic limb, as shown in the photo.

He used to have problems in using the phone since he had to hold it with his prosthetic limb (not easy to do) while texting with the other hand.

Talking to the company that has been helping him with prostheses since he was 3 years old and with Nokia reps in UK he has been able to get a special prosthetic with a slot to plug in his phone.

On the one hand, this news emphasizes the importance of our cell phones, on the other it is a pointer to a not distant future when we will be embedding communications capabilities within our body.

The very basic technologies are around: scientists have found a way to use our skin to transmit electrical signals, a vibrating device to create a sound sensation can be implanted in a tooth, a mike can be embedded in our t-shirt as well as the electronics required for processing the signal and the antenna. Just wait a little while and you’ll become the cell phone!


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