Sorry, but I don’t love “Lovotics”

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

Many years ago a famous Italian actor (Alberto Sordi) made a hit with a movie describing a character that fell in love with a woman-robot, Caterina. That was a nice movie. No problem on my side as long as it remains a movie.

But now Lovotics a project of the department of Electrical and Computer  Engineering is aiming at the real things: have a human falling in love with a robots and the robot falling in love with the human.

They are looking at the physiological roots of love, the balance (or shall we say dancing?) of hormones in the humans and replicate it in the robot.

I might be from an “old generation” but there are so many humans around that I do not see any need to develop a mechanisms to foster love with robots…

However, these researches are interesting in the sense that they will result in a better understanding of what it means to have an emphatic interaction and that is surely going to result in a better relationship with technology. It is now several years that in some universities researchers are working on affective computing and affective interfaces and the results are, to say the least, intriguing.

But falling in love,…no thanks.


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