Ever had problem with focusing your camera?

Saturday, June 25th, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

Sure you had. And, besides, we have come to take for granted that we need to choose what needs to be in focus and what we accept to be out of focus.

This is part of the rules of the game when we use a camera, both film and digital.

But now a start up, Lytro, has found a way to let us take the whole image as it is in front of us and then decide afterward what we want to see in focus.

You can even change the point of view and create, after the shot, 3D images.

It should be available later this year at a price that according to Lytro, will be more than 1$ and less than 10,000$. That is quite a range…so let’s wait before calling it our next gadget!


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