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Look at me!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

Got problem in remembering your password? Not sure it is really secure?

Iris scan

Iris scan

Rest easy. Now a US company, Hoyos Group, is offering an iris scan that you can use to allow access to your computer and even to single files.

It is called EyeLock and it looks like a flash pen with a camera, they call it a wand…, and you can use it to scan your iris. This creates a unique code that is matched with the one in the computer (or associated to the file). The system regenerate the code each time so that even if somebody hacks into the computer or file and retrieve the previous code this is of no use.

It is what we have got used with James Bond movies but unlike some movies it works only with a live iris. No risk to have your eye being “stolen”!.

Although a number of iris scan have been available this is, to my knowledge, the first one targeting the mass market. And the pricing is consistent with the mass market: 99$ US.

I bet that a solution based on biometrics is going to win in the future. I cannot imagine to have to type in (and more than that to remember) tens of passwords through my day.