Google is everywhere: Android is now at home

Friday, May 13th, 2011 by Thiago Silva

Do I have acquired the super power to predict the future? Before the event Google I/O I was wondering what new products and features Google could announce. One of the products that I thought was a solution for home automation. After read the official announcement I realized that my prediction was right! Supernatural power? Off course not! In fact, it was quite obvious if you are involved in the smart environment area. It is a new market not very well explored yet, and believe me, with the new data that Google can potentially acquires it can creates new interesting services, and sure make money of it.

Google is going to get in our homes using the Android technology, in an initiative called Android@Home, which allows Android apps to discover, connect and communicate with appliances and devices in your home. These is a very powerful technology, I could speak for hours about cool services that we could create with it, but I’ll let those videos below speak for me:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? But for those people who are lost with so many standards for home automation as Z-Wave, Insteon, ZigBee, and so on, bad news! Google is introducing a new and proprietary one, at least it is suppose to be “open”.  Below it is a screenshot of the wireless LED bulbs (from Lighting Science) shown in the video, that works with this new technology.

Lighting Science Led

Lighting Science Led

New partnerships with device manufactures soon will be announced, I am pretty sure. I am now curious to see the market reaction.