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Going wireless still requires wires…

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

This year has seen a tremendous expansion of wireless, both in public networks and in local networks, with many products creating home wireless networks to connect various devices, from computers to televisions. This is why in the annual ranking of technologies having made an impact on the year published by technology review the wireless is top of the list:

However, one cable is still required to power up the equipment. This is where PowerMat comes handy.

The PowerMat recharges your cell phones through induction

The PowerMat recharges your cell phones through induction

Unfortunately it is not all that easy. To power your “stuff” you need to equip each item with a receiver and this requires extra “stuff”! The hope is that device manufacturers will soon embrace the wireless powering revolution and start to embed these receivers in the devices. That will really change the game!

Take a look at their ads:

Let me also mention that at a macro level we are going to see in this decade a tremendous growth of wireless connectivity with a proliferation of antennas (which is also good from the electromagnetic pollution point of view since the more antennas you use to cover a territory the less electromagnetic field per each square metre) and that will require even more pervasive fibre infrastructure.

In turns, this will decrease the need for energy since it requires 1,000 fold less energy to transport bits over a fibre than beaming them wirelessly over great distances.