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Want to share your tips on the good food you are having….?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 by Roberto Saracco

Christmas time, at least in Italy, is an occasion for celebrating with traditional food, both at home (mostly) and in restaurant. This is why, having had so many nice dishes, I recalled of an apps that appeared in August last year on the AppleStore, Foodspotting. Actually I was reminded of it because it is appearing in these days on the Android store as well. I went on YouTube, and, of course, there it was its description, take a look:

Saw it? Well, I had two kind of reactions seeing it, both of amazement!

1. Amazing to see a kid, not much older than ten I suppose, providing a review of this app. The quality of the video is not particularly good but it is very spontaneous, you can tell it is him doing this and for the pleasure of doing it. I do not know how he got hold of Steve Wozniak to get the introduction but he is surely proud of it (and of course he should). Could you imagine just 15 years ago that a kid could reach a worldwide audience from his bedroom?

2. Amazing to see how Social Networks can be leveraged in any field, including food. I checked just now Foodspotting on my iPad. After having asked for permission to get my position it started to show me a number of places within a mile of my home with photos of food being recommended by various people. It is just another example of how much people like to become actors, provide the with the right tool and they will provide their two cents just to be social. There is a tremendous wealth that can be created and exploited and indeed a number of start ups are doing just that. Of course, by having someone telling you that he is in a certain spot and has liked a certain food you get a worthy information to send him more suggestions (read ads) about food in that area. And, I guess, you can release this growing data base to let others invent new services. It is an infinite, ever growing stack where every layer reaches a certain spot in the long tail and creates a tiny bit of additional value.