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Auld Lang Syne

Friday, December 24th, 2010 by Roberto Saracco

Christmas is knocking and I want to share with you a product produced by a company in Pennsylvania, Memory Medallion Inc,

The Memory Medaillon

The Memory Medaillon

It is a small token containing a computer that can store up to 320 MB and can communicate with a nearby cell phone releasing the information it contains. The idea is that over your life you can create a web site (or possibly mark the information you keep posting on Facebook) and then you can share this snippets of you once you leave this Earth. On the one hand you may feel inappropriate talking about departing from this world on Christmas eve, on the other and Christmas is about family and remembrance and this is what this device promises to do. Before posting I double check with my daughter and her reaction to this was: “it is beautiful to have the opportunity of keeping your memory alive with your voice and images for the ones you have loved”. Hence, I decided to go ahead and publish it.

Of course, this applications goes in synch with the comments I made yesterday on the amazing dissemination of computers everywhere.

The Memory Medaillon is now on offer for 175$ and it comes with tools to let you record your voice, video clips of yourself and more. It can be placed on a tombstone and people stopping by can access the content using their phone.

It has recently been used for the remembrance of several people who fell under the September 11th twin towers attack.

According to the company a possible use is to create a sort of family tree that gets more and more content over the generations. An option is to create a website and the medallion becomes just a pointer to that website to be browsed by a cell phone.

The application of this idea can be many. Indeed, this sort of medallion may accompany any product to tell the story of its production, the people who manufactured it, possible applications and so on. But these are commercial applications and being Christmas eve I prefer to think at the possibility offered by computers to provide emotions over the years.