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Watch out, the ads is watching you…

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 by Roberto Saracco

Big screens have started to appear in shops with clips running to attract the attention of the shoppers. Are they really effective? This is the question being asked by owners and this is something researchers are working on to find a good answer.

Big screen to grab your attention and a hidden camera to watch you!

Big screen to grab your attention and a hidden camera to watch you!

A new company, CognoVision, is ready to provide it. They are offering video screens with an embedded camera. Their software analyses the images captured by the camera and is able to detect faces and determine the gender and the approximate age. Based on this information the appropriate clip is selected and shown, therefore increasing the probability of engaging the customer.

But it doesn’t end there. The camera will keep watching you as you are watching the clip and the software will be able to detect if you are pleased with what you see and possibly customize in real time the video based on your reactions.

A little bit intrusive? Yes, for sure but in a way advertisement is intrusive and the more effective it is the more it is! Marketeers team up with sociologists and psychologists to dig into our minds and look for ways to etch their message into our brains conditioning our behavior.