Moving beyond OLED

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 by Roberto Saracco

Organic Light Emitting Displayis a technolgoy that has been around for some time. It provides bright colors using a fraction of the energy required by LED. BUT…it is very difficult to fabricate large screens and therefore, so far, it has only found application in cell phones displays.

a dream coming true?

Bright colors visible under the Sun light: a dream coming true?

Now a start up company, QD Vision, is starting to market a new technology based on Quantum Dot that promises to be as cost efficient as OLED, to deliver even brighter colors and to support large screens fabrications. An agreement with LG has just been announced:

Quantum Dot technology creates nanoparticle that are sensitive to light at different frequences and that behaves as conversion filters. Infrared emission, that accounts for 80% of a classic light bulb emission (and for the generated heath) can be converted through quantum dot to red, visible light. Depending on the size of the “dot” a specific light frequency is emitted. This allows a dramatic increase in brilliance (no energy is wasted) and lower consumption. The trick is the accurate fabrication of dots with exactly the right size to produce the desired color. This is what QD Vision has managed to achieve.

Take a look at this video explaining it. It is lengthy, 7 minutes, but interesting.

In this decades we are going to see a tremendous increase in the use of screens, we will find them everywhere and on most objects. This will change the way we relate to objects and as a side effect it will increase the bandwidth demand on telecommunications networks.


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