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Some statistics… about the future

Sunday, May 9th, 2010 by Roberto Saracco

According to Ericsson, today there are over 3.5 billion cell phones but only 0.4 billion have broadband access to the Internet (wireless access, that includes both cell phones and laptops wirelessly connected). This figure will keep increasing and by 2015 they say 3.5 billion cell phones will be enabled to broadband and will connect to the Internet.

By 2020 there will be over 6 billions cell phones and they will all (basically) be Internet enabled.

Wireless data traffic has equalled wireless voice traffic by the end of 2009 and by the end of this year it will overtake it.
According to Ericsson Chief Executive Officer, Hans Vestberg:

We have just seen the beginning of the massive data growth, driven by smart phones and other mobile devices

I fully agree. And of course, if you consider wireless also the WiFi connection already today wireless data traffic is taking the upper hand.

You might say that WiFi is not actually wireless but rather a wireless stretching of a fixed line, but if you look at the AT&T ads on the iPad wireless contract they mention that with 29$ a month you get unlimited wireless access to their 3G network plus WiFi access to over 20,000 hot spots in the US and I bet that a huge part of traffic with the iPad will go through them! Next time you are sipping a Frappuccino at a Starback look around for iPads… I bet you’ll find them happily and wirelessly connected to WiFi.

Besides, as times goes by, it will be more and more transparent to the user the kind of wireless technology being used.