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What have we learnt from Google Buzz’s big mistake?

Saturday, February 27th, 2010 by Shuhei Kuwabara

Even though Google has insisted on user’s privacy, it has been exposed that privacy in Google Buzz is totally ignored and this is becoming a big issue these days. People can see some of your contacts with whom you’re communicating frequently. The problem is that Google tries and makes experimentation first, and don’t consider the predictable problems and postpone the response and solution.

The speed of technologies evolution has been growing faster and faster day by day. Nowadays companies are in a hurry to create new services and provide them as fast as possible and quicker than others. Then the privacy issue, which is one of the most considered issue by users, is really easy to be ignored. And also we don’t have to forget that the convenience and the risk are almost on the same surface. For instance, the concept of Google Buzz is that you can see your friend’s information and activities very easily and simply just by clicking Buzz. However, the consequence is that it just expose the user’s information even though the users never wanted.

Nowadays our personal information seems like a hostage of these big companies such as Google. The danger of leakage of our information is all up to these companies… They have to realise that they’re treating a huge amount of user information and be always aware of it. And also they should be conscious about it even when they’re in hurry to launch new services. It’ll be really difficult and complicated to make a good balance between the compliance of personal information and pursuing new technologies and services. However, it should be strongly protected and observed no matter what.

This is my last post on Future Centre blog. Thank you very much to everybody for supporting and giving me this opportunity of learning…