“Live Cams” Looks at the World Through 3500 Webcams

Friday, February 12th, 2010 by Gianni Fettarappa

Live Cams (http://livecams-iphone.com) is an interesting and curious application for the iPhone. You can explore the world through public webcams or even see the security cameras directly on your iPhone: the new dimension for virtual voyeurs.

When you open the Live Cams client, you find a 3 × 4 grid of live cams and you can control many of the webcams with zoom in and out or panning around.
If you see something particularly interesting in one of the cameras, you can take a snapshot of the camera feed by tapping a small icon on the screen.

Live Cams has more than 3500 webcam links pre-loaded with new ones being added all the time. Many of these are looking at beaches, strange places, animals and traffic. You can also do a custom search by entering in search terms. You can also make streaming of your cam and see what happens in your home wherever you are: Live Cams connects to your camera by an IP address.

This scenario opens up a world of new content where every individual can connect his cam and share his video live wherever he is. I think this service is another tile of our digital life and environment that some players can exploit and mash up with innovative ideas and services regarding real time video traffic, weather, pollution, security, dating…


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