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Twitter Search: the Official Search Engine of the Twitter Microblogging Platform

Monday, February 8th, 2010 by Gianni Fettarappa

Twitter Search  ( allows you to perform searches in real time on all the pages created by users.
The home page of Twitter Search mirrors  the simplicity and graphics of Google search, but yields fragments of live lives, news, social work and business, friendship and politics.

Twitter, Web2.0 is a platform for micro-blogging, where everything revolves around the question: “What are you doing now?”. Short messages of 140 characters of text to point out before anyone else what iis being done that exact moment.
Twitter Search provides a set of search operators to customize and improve the results. You can use the advanced search form to automatically create the query with the ability to search tweets in Italian, to filter those sent from certain users or sent by a particular place and maybe meet new Twitters in your city.

The search engine Twitter Search is revolutionary when you want to find something, comments about products, situations in town, news from companies, tunes, videos and so on, when you want to know what people are thinking about certain topics or products.

As Twitter says:
“Keeping up with interesting news and people you care about is one dimension of Twitter, but what if you need to find out what’s happening in the world beyond your personal timeline? There is an undeniable need to search, filter, and otherwise interact with the volumes of news and information being transmitted to Twitter every second. Twitter Search helps you filter all the real-time information coursing through our service.”

When you search for a specific topic, Twitter search aggregates all messages about that topic; this is a real way to create more value from the messages exchanged among users in the Twitter world, to give strong visibility to common thoughts, ideas and comments generated by millions people.