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The “Privacy Center” of Google

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 by Gianni Fettarappa

Google has published a page online ( with its new principles for the privacy practices that is much more explicit. Google says that they use the information collected about his users to improve the service offered, but also declares to offer effective options to protect their privacy, explicitly to those interested in the information collected “in the name of transparency”.

Here there is a very clear and effective video in which Google explains his views about his user’s Digital Life and the flow of data.

The topic of privacy today, and the resulting data security, is a pressing one and it is being focused by the Congress of the United States; everyone is asking for self-regulation by the players in the online advertising business. In this video Google describes his five privacy principles and the way it approaches privacy and user information across all of its products and services:

1) Use information to provide users with products and services.
2) Develop products reflecting strong privacy standards and practices.
3) Make the collection of personal information transparent.
4) Give users meaningful choices to protect their privacy.
5) Be a responsible steward of the information held

“This Privacy Center was created to provide users with easy-to-understand information about Google’s  products and policies to help you make more informed choices about which products you use, how to use them, and what information you provide to us.”

I think this self-regulation and transparency is another way for Google to maintain the trust with its devoted users and be in good friendship with them to go on gathering and collecting digital information: be my friend and I will tell you all about my life and needs… ;-)