Augmented Reality Rises the Bar in Web Search.

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 by Giuseppe Piersantelli

Augmented reality technology and services are reaching their hype and popularity in web search, according to TechCrunch. Reportedly, the search hit for keyword Augmented Reality ha been constantly growing in the last months, while searches on another well known related buzzword (Virtual Reality) are sinking.

Probably Second Life was the last chance for Virtual reality to regain his popularity. But, as far as we know, SL population has left that village, period.

The chart below, published by TechCrunch, effectively shows the las trends in websearch in terms of search volume.

Truth be said, TechCrunch also wrote on of the most comprehensive definition of AR:

These apps show the world around you as seen through your phone’s camera, but in addition to functioning as a viewfinder, your screen also functions as a regular computer screen. With help from the GPS and on-board compass, it can place information or graphics on top of buildings or objects seen through the viewfinder.

Even though the web is crowded with posts, reviews, stories, and comments about Augmented Reality, actually there’re few new applications, services or announcements dealing with AR. During the last Las vegas based Consumer Electronic Show (January 7-10, 2010) only a couple AR-relaed things have been shown to the audience.

One is the flying drone plus iPhone application carried out by Parrot (Blutooth devices and car stereo system, yes). It’s a simulation game application, but it’s cool and, according to the reports, did crwods.



The second one is a pair of visors manufactured by Vuzix, wearable computer equipped glasses which are supposed to enable people to look into the world, bringing mixed and augmented reality content to life.

We came across with visors for portable video player years ago, and honestly it wasn’t a big hit.



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