Transparent screen, one step closer to Avatar?: The era of touchscreen computing just started

Monday, January 11th, 2010 by Minseok Kim
Transparent OLED

Transparent OLED

Okay, this one is real, what we have been waiting for. In CES 2010, an OLED screen laptop was introduced as prototype of future OLED technology. Now it has 40% of transparency.

It’s not a first time we see the transparent screen, but let’s think about how this will change our display. Samsung technitions mentioned that they would look for implementing touch screen interface to this OLED technology. Which means, at least for me, this will change our computing paradigm.

Let’s imagin that this display is applied to car windows. Navigations will be shown in interactive way wherever you drive your car, weather forecast and traffic view will comfort your sight. Just like the augmented reality that we have been dreaming for.

Now, let’s check this video:

It has been a while we got used to the touch screen devices, probably smart phones engaged IT users to have more touch-screen-experiences. We can say that touchable UI is more intuitive than ordinary computing. Microsoft Windows 7 is designed for touch screens, and also applications are ready for Tablet PCs. Especially in CES 2010, Hp tablet has triggered the beginning of Tablet pc war.


Hp tablet: Slate with Android OS?

It’s written already that OLED and touch screens will lead our computing from now on, they will be spreaded more and get into our lives. So, 3D or OLED displays, augmented reality, touchable UI.. Yes, Let’s find which are the key elements that we need to focus for the future.


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