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Market@one Partnerships

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 by Chan Yie Leng

Companies that are aiming to offer personalized products or services face many challenges. However, I believe they should make sure which market segment they are targeting. Theoretically, in the business ecosystems model, everyone is allowed to enter the game, but for how long, it depends. Similar to the natural ecosystem, the strongest wins. Animals start building their networks with others who they believe they can have some benefit from. It happens similarly in the business ecosystems. Companies are also willing to partner with others in order to be stronger. These “partnerships” must be well selected; otherwise, they can ruin their reputation. In this line of thought, they must partner with companies that target the same market segment that they are. Companies must be aware of whom they are partnering with. Their brand is at risk; in other words, the brand partnerships must match. For instance, it is unusual someone owns platinum category credit card, travels business/first class, stay in five-star hotels and eat street food. It is important to see with whom companies should do their strategical partnerships. In the long term, I believe this will be as smooth as the natural ecosystems.

You Can Collect All Your Receipts and Store Them Digitally!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 by Gianni Fettarappa

Kvittar ( is  a company now working on making a test version that automatically collects your receipts and store them digitally for easy search and access.

Kvittar enables private persons and companies to get their receipts digitally and to do this a user must connect a card to, pay with that card and then the receipt will be found at Kvittar.
Each customer will get an own secure and private profile from where they can print their receipts (or get them in PDF or export the to XML or CVS): at the webpage the receipts are searchable.

[vimeo 5319724 nolink]

Kvittar will be implemented in the Point of Sales system and from there the receipt will be automatically send to the customers profile at Kvittar.

Revenue streams come from a monthly fee from businesses on 10 euros a month for every card and from private customera a fee on 5 euros a year.

Dealing with receipts digitally is a way to manage all the purchasing always available online, a big part of the digital life.