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A Glimpse Ahead – Part 2

Friday, October 30th, 2009 by Fabio Popovitz

Here comes another video from Microsoft that shows its vision of future. At this time it is focused on retail. On it, the fundamental accessory for enhancing the user experience in store is the mobile terminal and, as Saracco commented in my last post, it gives the telecommunication companies many revenue opportunities.


Using the handset, the user can create a shopping list and update it when new things to buy are being remembered. As the consumer enters the market, his/her list is automatically recognized by the store system and its order is changed according to the proximity of each item. Then, a map is plotted on the mobile screen with all the items location. As the consumer pass by a product, s/he is informed in the case it is on a promotion.


Price updates are done wirelessly and they are shown in small screens in front of the products. The consumer does not need to enter an aisle to check if some product is available or not because s/he is notified by the system that also notifies the responsible for restocking it. When the product is restocked, the consumer is again notified.


Then, when the shopping is done, the system calculates the sum of all the items purchased [and also shows the amount of money saved] and the user can automatically pay for it using his/her favorite payment method.


As shown in the previous post, the augmented reality and multitouch can be applied here to make the shopping experience even easier, faster and funnier.