A Glimpse Ahead

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 by Fabio Popovitz

Part of our work here is to think of how the technology will influence our lives in the future. Sometimes, in order to foresee the future, it is necessary to take a look at the past.


Some years ago we had just a few people starting to use some pagers and cell phones, especially for work that demanded them to be found quickly, like doctors. Lay people did not use them because of the price and because they did not need them at all. Today, we can not imagine our lives without a mobile phone. If we forget it at home, certainly we will go back to get it.


It is like an extension of our bodies.


Constantly new functions and technologies are being “aggregated” to our bodies through new gadgets, either simplifying our life or making it funnier.


Thinking of the future is really amazing, and it demands from us a little bit of abstraction because we have to use our imagination to picture scenarios that sometimes sound like complete madness.


In fact, MADNESS is the key word to describe people that dare to break paradigms, imagine the unreal and put it into practice. If there weren’t people MAD like these, we would have never been able to talk to the other side of the world using a single and tiny box.


Below a little bit of “madness” put into a video by Microsoft. Travel ahead 10 years and imagine yourself living in this world of new possibilities: augmented reality, smart cards and tokens, new ways of communication, etc. Try to imagine more new things.


Dare it!




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