App stores: Samsung to join the crowd.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 by Giuseppe Piersantelli

This blog has already reported about the new application stores designed on iTunes’ model and deployed by mobile phones manufacturers, software vendors and mobile network operators. Here and here you can find previous entries about Nokia Ovi, Vodafone, Windows Marketplace and others.

Also Samsung, the korean manufacturer which is very popular in Italy in terms of sales (probably it comes after Nokia), has recently announced the opening of an application store, which is now in beta version.

As Engadget reports,

The imaginatively named Samsung Application Store launches on September 14 for British, French, and Italian Omnia and I8910 HD handsets, later coming to the Omnia II and OmniaLITE as well as users in various other nations.

Samsung a big manufacturer with hundred million customers worlwide and a huge offer of smartphones. The availability of a dedicated application store is the attempt to build an effective ecosystem aimed to replicate the success gained by Apple with iTunes. But, like Nokia, Samsung differs from Apple because the Korean maker is not focused on just one model but can promote innovative applications for a wider range of multimedia smartphones.


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