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Pictures, without the photographer.

Monday, August 10th, 2009 by Giuseppe Piersantelli

When a party starts, there is always someone busy in taking pictures to his/her friends. People are usually photographed while their eyes are closed and their facial expressions are actually far from looking smart.
All the blurry, crappy pictures are therefore condemned to be published to Facebook and other social networks, with funny results.

At Sony, they should have understood two things. The first one is that people who take pictures at parties instead of having fun, weel, basically don’t have fun. The second is that the web is already populated with blurry pictures — so why add some more?

That’s why — I presume — they invented the following gadget: a robot which automatically takes pictures when you have something better to do. As Wired reports, Sony Camera Robot acts as your personal photographer.

The little mount is controlled by the camera and will tilt and zoom, seeking out any people in the room using the face detection in the camera.

Here the original press release of Sonu Party Shot.

Friends at a party are photographed without posing, naturally. So it seems that technology can help again humankind in their duties. But are we sure that taking pictures can be assimilated to washing dishes or shredding chease? Can really a robot replace man in photographing human beings?

I am not sure I will put Sony Party shot in my guest list, as CNET suggests.