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Nikon released digital camera with bulit-in projector

Thursday, August 6th, 2009 by Minseok Kim

Nikon has unveiled the world’s first compact camera with a built-in projector. Nikon Coolpix S1000pj projects images in size with a VGA resolution and a maximum distance of 2 meters. Really.

As soon as you take a picture, you can project on the wall

The projector boasts up to 10 lumens of brightness. It will be able to display photos and movies as small as 5.0 inches up to 40.0 inches. According to Nikon, a fully charged battery will be able to support continuous use of the projector for up to an hour.

Projectors have been considerated that they take a lot power to be operated. Therefore, they were often big sized and overheated. But not anymore, Optoma’s mini projector is a good example.

Optoma's pocket projector. PK102

it’s not a big surprise that digital cameras getting new functions inside. Digital convergence is very active specially in mobile gadgets. Now, Let’s see what other features digital cameras will take, something that we thought it was too big to put together. (Printer, Projector)