The trend of memory cards

Monday, April 6th, 2009 by Yi-Jou Wu

The trend of memory cards


Giuseppe showed us an interesting article about digital storage.

“Digital memory group test Recordable Media”

From this test report, we can get 4 points of memory cards’ trend:

1.      smaller size

2.      bigger capacity

3.      higher speed and much more stable for writing and reading

4.      cheaper price


Kingmax released 16GB water proof SD card which can keep data for 10 years.

The size of Waterproof SD card is still too big for mobile phone.

If Kingmax can provide smaller size with nice price, just like miniXD card, I think it will be good for mobile phone photography.

Go to beach, taking pictures and share photos with friends at once.


Besides it, I am thinking

1.      Will Memory card be integrated into 1 specification? Which type will be the one?

2.      Dram’s price is falling. In 2020, do consumers have to pay for another memory cards?? I mean, when I buy a new camera mobile phone, maybe it has 8 GB memory inside already as standard. Or memory cards are replaced by another new style of storage.


To question 1, the development of memory card may be separated into 2 ways, secure digital and compact flash cards will keep their size for digital cameras using, mini and micro SD will go for small devices, such like mobile phones.

It is hard to say which memory card will be the only one in this market.

Fuji’s camera can not only adopt their proprietary format XD but also SD.

Fuji has to do this.

When consumers buy another new camera, they will think what kind of memory card they have already and choose a new one which can adopt their old cards.

Probably, all cameras can adopt every kind of memory cards one day.


To question 2, yes, it will.
iPhone has already integrated large storage. I believe it will be a trend in mobile phone market.