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Internet 2020 The Internet with Things – Part 5

Saturday, April 4th, 2009 by Roberto Saracco

The concept of Mash Ups is the crucial business enabler when considering the Internet with Objects. A dress can be mashed up with offers of necklaces or wrist cuffs, purses or backpack, watches, coiffeur, gym (if I am selecting some sporting outfit). It may generate suggestions of dancing schools, travel agencies.

Social retail will also be in full swing. As I fit a dress I might want to involve some of my friends to take a look and provide advice. The same mirror that reflects my image is also visible on my friends’ device, be it a television, if they are at home or in a hotel room, or on a cell phone, or a navigator screen. I can engage in conversation and, being the dress an addressable entity, my friend could even try it up (virtually) on them, or choose a different cloth from the store inventory, see how it fits and how it looks if we were to walk together to a party.

Social retailing has taken a crucial importance in brick and mortar retail, since they transformed themselves into gathering places, watering holes for people to have fun. The Internet with Things has add a nice twist to the social retailing experience.

Education and health care also benefited from it. The opportunity to learn about an object and tailor information to my context is crucial in these two areas. It is easier to learn by manipulating and witnessing things and when learning is relevant to my situation. Is this ok with my diet or ailment? Does it mix well with the medicine I am taking? How does this relate to the things I already know?