Samsung, Nikon and the end of the megapixel race.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 by Giuseppe Piersantelli has just posted a very skeptical article about the announced 12 MP camera phone which will be released by Samsung at Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona in the next weeks.

Reportedly, “The resulting photographs will certainly be awful” becauseĀ  the Korean manufacturer is “squeezing more and more photo-sensitive dots onto teeny-tiny chips, a recipe for noisy, low quality images with a perversely high file size”.

I haven’t had the opportunity to test this gadget yet so I prefer not to comment the article published on Wired. Thus, I am happy to read something very similar to what I wrote in my previous posts about CES2009. The author reports that Nikon people interviewed at CES “agreed that camera makers are sick of megapixels” while many consumers still think that the more megapixel the better.

But, according to professionals from Sony and Casion, small sensors have probably reached their resolution plateau (about 8-10 MP). Marketing guys will probably focus on other stuff, like computational photography and advanced tagging options.